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Rent A Bike or Have Us Ship Yours!

Fully-Assembled Transport

Raceday Transport offers it's popular Fully-Assembled transport service from multiple locations throughout the United States and Canada.  No bike disassembly required.  Just drop it off at one of our activated 250+ bike drop locations and we'll take it from there!  You'll be able to pick it up right at the event - Ready-to-Ride!

Box & Ship Services
Bike Boxes and Wheel Cases – You can avoid the airport hassles and airline baggage fees by utilizing our Raceday Box & Ship option.  It's simple!  We email you your shipping label and you can drop your bike box off at the nearest UPS Store  Your transport choices include both domestic and international service. 
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Our discounted Box & Ship option  is available from any area that offers UPS services - which is practically everywhere on earth.  Raceday Shipping is an authorized shipping partner for UPS and has negotiated deep discounts and pricing power - up to 60% off of published rates from UPS - which we pass on to our customers.

Raceday Rentals
Want to rent a road/triathlon bike or ZIPP race wheels for your next event.  No problem!  Raceday Rentals has the latest QR bikes available for your next race or event. 
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THULE Bike Cases
Raceday Shipping has the latest in THULE bike cases and accessories for sale. 
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Event Services - Need assistance with bike assembly/disassembly and other bike services at your event?  If we plan to have a presence at the event, you can choose our Event Services option and we can have your bike built and ready by the time you arrive.  This option includes unbox and assembly, pre-race basic tune, storage of your bike case, post-race disassembly and box.

How it works:  If Raceday Transport activates a selected region from one of our eight Regional locations nationwide, we will also activate selected bike drop locations along this route.  In an effort to accommodate as many athletes as possible, we select certain bike drop locations based on purchases and requests.

You can choose many options on where to ship and receive your bike.  Do you feel comfortable building it yourself?  Then you can have it shipped directly to your hotel. Do you want us to handle the assembly?  No problem, just choose our Event Services option.

Just give us a call, we’ll walk you through it.  Our #1 goal is to provide a seamless transition when traveling with your bike and race gear.